Who We Are

The United League for Social Action is a coalition of concerned Tulsans coming together to address racial profiling, over-policing, and police brutality. We are a grassroots coalition centered on evidence based organizing practices and
group-centered leadership, as modeled by civil and human rights activist Ella Josephine Baker.

“We believe in mutual accountability, so that we give each other our best.”

- Reverend Gerald Davis

What We've Done

TULSA formed in response to the 2015 death of Eric Harris at the hands of Tulsa Country Reserve Deputy Robert Bates. At our inaugural action, we released our open letter to Sheriff Stanley Glanz listing our four calls to action:

  1. The sheriff's immediate resignation.
  2. A system of transparency and accountability for all law enforcement officers and agencies, based on national best practices.
  3. Mandatory racial identity development training for all government officials, beginning with Implicit Bias Training and Trauma Informed Care Training for all law enforcement officers.
  4. A request to the US Department of Justice for an investigation of Mr. Eric Harris’ death.

As a direct result of the organizing efforts of TULSA and other local organizations, Stanley Glanz resigned in November 2015. We believe a US Department of Justice investigation was conducted into the Sheriff's Office. Additionally, the Tulsa Police Department has recently adopted Crisis Intervention Training for all its officers.

What We're Doing

TULSA is currently organizing toward three desired outcomes:

  1. Transparency and accountability of law enforcement.
  2. Implicit bias and trauma informed training for law enforcement.
  3. The creation of a Citizen Oversight Board with subpoena power.

Join Us

Meetings are first Monday and third Thursday of each month, 6pm-7pm @ Church of the Restoration, Unitarian Universalist, 1314 North Greenwood Avenue, 74106.

Need childcare? Let us know.